Melissa and Heath June 21, 2014 Brookfield, VT

by nicole on December 6, 2014

IMG_2171-137When Melissa told me Heath asked her hand in marriage I was delighted. We had had numerous conversations about her dream wedding flowers. She is a close friend and has been involved with The Painted Tulip for years (she edits all these blog post to make them readable). Melissa LOVES PEONIES!! IMG_2471-191

She planned her wedding date on the summer equinox and prime peony season, making it easy to provide the flowers she requested.IMG_0160

This was one of the few times I have both set up and then attended a wedding. Melissa looked radiant in her dress. She loved the flowers.  The ceremony overlooked Sunset Lake, in Brookfield. It was a perfect day: warm sun shinning and light cool breeze.  Her and Health were beaming with delight all day and

At one point during the festivities some one said “This has got to be the wedding with the best tattoos I have ever been to. It makes me want get a tattoo,”  as many of the guests had pretty amazing tattoos and wore them


As the evening wore down Melissa and Heath escaped to the bed a breakfast down the street. The next day they headed to there honeymoon in Maine.




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