Whats Growing on? End of April

by nicole on April 21, 2014

IMG_2706Everything is getting off to a good start. The hot house is at standing room only, mostly cut flower starts but there are a few tomatoes and bedding plants for your garden too.

IMG_2707In the cold frame everyone’s budding and anemones are just starting to produce flowers.

IMG_2705Once again I realized my conservative business sense has caught up with me: I need more early flowering blooms. More anemones more tulips and more ranunculus.  The great thing about growing is there is always next year. There should be no empty space in my cold frame the ground needs to be bursting with blooms.  I am going to quadruple my Jerusalem Anemone order as our corms over wintered just fine.  The ranuclulus are sending up buds &  we will have beautiful blooms for Mothers Day.

IMG_2713In the field hellebores are shooting up blooms. Alliums are poking out.  The lilac buds are fattening up. Peony shoots are looking plump and healthy.  The grass is being pushed aside by daffodil shoots in the yard. Pretty soon it will look like a flower farm again.TulipsNothing’s ever perfect on a farm…there has been some mouse damage to  our Sweet William and Honesty. The Honesty took it hard. The straw cover I used on that crop became a mouse hotel with all the tunnels and nests.  But I am sure we will get a few buckets out of what survives.

Nights are still cold, but days are sunny with cold wind off the snowy mountains but this coming week looks like a warm-up is coming.  So stay tuned for what’s blooming.IMG_2712Can’t help thinking about a passed farming friend who would be a little proud and maybe jealous of the anemones I am growing.  There are a lot of emotions in farming: the most bittersweet is the reminders that growing things offer of life that has come to an end.

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