DIY Wedding Flowers Brian to Amanda 9/21/14

by nicole on January 22, 2015

Amanda and Brian - For Print_287DIY, Do-it-yourself wedding flowers are a recent trend. For some couples it works wonderfully, but it takes knowledge and support. I am only in support of DIY wedding flowers if the purchaser is prepared for the time and effort it will take to add flower arranging into such a busy and important day.  I strongly recommend only going for DIY flowers only if you have a family or friends that are creative and willing to spend time putting together arrangements for you–this is your day and you don’t want to be up to your elbows in a crisis!  Your floral helper also needs: a space to design and store arrangements to keep them cool , under 65 degrees.  Do not expect all venues to be accommodating and provide you a space for this, as some are not set up for it.

Amanda and Brian - For Print_040

The wonderful part of this en vogue choice is it supports small local market farms. I would suggest using a flower farm solely as the owner can advise you as to what flowers work best for different situations. Not all flowers work well out of water in bridal bouquets.

Amanda and Brian - For Print_107

Here at The Painted Tulip I advise and help couples put together flowers for DIY weddings.  I send clients to my pinterest page,  where they pick out flowers they love.   Local couples sometimes make an appointment to visit the farm to see availability.  Customers usually pick up the flowers 1 or 2 days before the wedding.  I make sure all the flowers are freshly picked  and in a hydration solution. I sell the flowers bunched and in buckets ($5 per bucket), so that it is as easy for the customer as possible. Some flexibility comes into play as crop timing is dependent on mother nature, so do be open to a little bit of variance when you are planning DIY flowers.  At the Painted Tulip we do not do pick-your-own, I am too small of a farm and not set up for it.

Amanda and Brian - For Print_110

The photos in this post are  from a DIY wedding.  They arranged everything themselves and did great.  They were a very relaxed couple and the added work didn’t cause them any stress.  As you can see, the result was very beautiful. Thank you  Jaclyn Schmitz Photography for these images. The wedding was at The Ponds in Bolton, VT  



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